A downloadable game for Windows

A terrible threat is hanging over humanity,

you are the only one in the galaxy

able to cope with it...      

You are Ryo, a famous smuggler well known for his exploits aboard his space fighter. Your brother, the faithful Talos doesn't bode anything well that day. The station where you needed to deliver simple barrels is empty ; there is an unbearable stench, the halls are blocked with makeshift barricades here and there...     

The only survivor talks about an unprecedented catastrophe, an unsuccessful scientific experiments, a story in which hordes of terrifying creatures, after having eaten the scientists of the station, are now poised to hit the galaxy, carrying with them any form of life into nothingness...   

- More than 40 sub-bosses and bosses to face

- 18 levels spread across 6 planets for hours of intense gaming
- 6 playable ships, each one of them with its own characteristics
- 3 levels of difficulty
- A complete scenario


HeavyBlast.zip 282 MB

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